SLC News

We’re only a few weeks into term and there is so much that we need to update you on!

This is the last term of Junior School for our Year 10 students, as they start to begin to transition to Year 11, and there is still a slight degree of uncertainty in regards to the selection of subjects by the students. Since students only have been briefed on core topics and syllabus modules that will be taught, Senior Executive members, SLC and Senior Students have planned a method to make the transition more understandable. Later this term, Senior students from each faculty will be selected to partake in an activity where Year 10 students will able to communicate with the Senior students to gain an insight into the learning scheme that will occur throughout the next two years. Information such as study techniques for particular subjects, how much time should be dedicated to that subject etc. will be shared with the students to enhance their understanding and settle any apprehensiveness about senior subjects. Hopefully, the Year 10 students will gain an insight into the senior years to come and how to best prepare themselves to succeed in their chosen subjects.

Once again, J-Walk will be happening this term in Week 8. J-Walk is a great opportunity for students to hear and witness the word of God through the eyes of other Christian students and our regular guest speakers. It’s a great opportunity for High School students to experience God’s word, how it greatly affects us in our daily lives and also to hear the talented J-Walk band perform some spectacular music.

We congratulate and commend the hardworking and diligent Year 12 students at William Carey who have completed all examinations and are currently soaking up the sun, getting out of their daily study routines and exploring the world in a new light. Good luck and farewell to all current Year 12 students at Carey, best wishes with your future tertiary education and career path endeavours.

Jesus answered, ‘My teaching is not my own. It comes from the one who sent me. Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.’ John 7:16-17. Verses such as these prompt us to question ourselves and our devoted love to God. Are we willing to obey God, no matter what? As Christians we must act righteously and listen to what God says and with all our devotion and love, have faith within Him and trust that he will guide you no matter what. Trusting that God is right and He is in control of everything that we do seems daunting at times but knowing that He is great and loves us immensely really allows us as Christians to believe that, through difficult times, God will always be there. Simply listening to what God has to say and allowing Him to guide us in life can truly alleviate the stresses that are commonly seen throughout our sinful world.