SLC News

Welcome back to another term of school, full of excitement, nerves and lots of learning. We hope you all have come back refreshed and ready for the last term of 2017. As the end of the year rolls around there are many emotions surrounding our school community. We are glad to be back in the midst of the supportive and caring environment that William Carey has to offer. Throughout this term, remember to expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God, for he has a plan for each and every one of us.

A big factor of this term is the Year 12 HSC. As the class of 2017 completes the HSC, it’s very important and encouraging for them to have the support of their school community. Through this time of stress and anxiety, we must stand behind them and keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers, during and after their exams. Year 12, remember that whatever obstacles pass us by, we can give it nothing but our best, and nothing will come to be better than that. Be assured that our trust and hope is in the Lord. Wherever we stand, and no matter what we face, he is our cornerstone and foundation for the life that we live. God’s love for you is completely immeasurable, and your value comes in so much more than a basic mark. Don’t let your study be more important than your love for the Lord. Always keep him first in your mind and first in your heart. No matter how well you go in your exams, your relationship with God will not be affected. Good luck Year 12! We hope that you will achieve what you have aimed for, and continue to follow the Lord throughout your lives outside of school.

The term ahead brings about excitement and fun, as activities including Multicultural Day and J-Walk approach. These are both great events that plan to bring together in the school community and shape the culture of our school. Keep a look out for both events and their dates in further Newsletters to come.

The SLC recently had the honour of representing our school at the funeral of one of our beloved board members, Mrs Cecily Waterworth. Mrs Waterworth had served at the school for many years, putting all she had into into making this school a better place. Mrs Waterworth was a dedicated and selfless member of our school, who served and put 100% of her faith and hope in our mighty and merciful Lord. She always put the needs of others before her own, and her life will be loved and remembered forever. Mrs Waterworth’s salvation was in the Lord. Please keep the Waterworth family in your prayers. Thank you Mrs Waterworth for all that you have contributed to our school community, and being a loving, caring member of William Carey who will be missed greatly.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~John 16:33. In this verse, Jesus does not promise us peace, but he offers it to us. We are able to obtain this peace that he has allowed us to have by finding it in him. We will never find true peace in anything or anyone other than Jesus. In this verse, Jesus also says that we will encounter trouble. Everyone will be confronted by obstacles throughout their lives, whether it is school work, friends, or troubles at home. We can always find our strength in Jesus, as he is the giver of eternal hope and peace. Jesus has done all the hard work for us, by dying for our sins, and rising again. We never have to worry, because Jesus has already overcome all of the troubles of the world. Throughout the rest of Term 4, find the peace that God has offered you through the sacrifice of his one and only son, and help others find the hope that you have, the hope that will last forever.

Leticia Monteiro and William Burge