SLC News

We’re over halfway through Term 3 and there is a great deal of excitement we wish to share with you.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate the newly elected council on being chosen to showcase their leadership through the act of serving others.

From Year 11: Maurizio Pagano, Rishaal Rai, Ryan Revere, Prudence Doyle, Alex Stanton and Meredith Larrea.

From Year 10: Nathan Fielding, Dylan Hou, Lauren Ross and Kaysia Younes.

On behalf of the former council, we are so excited to work along these amazing people and their gracious servant hearts. Also, a huge congratulations to our new captains for 2018, William Burge and Leticia Monteiro! We are so excited to see the amazing things you will do to benefit our school and its students.

Mary Poppins was an absolutely astonishing performance to watch and be a part of. Students, staff and parents have exerted countless hours into the production of the play through performing on stage, playing in the band, partaking in set painting or prop/costume making, backstage crew, sound/lighting crew, front and back of house or willingly sharing your classroom (thanks a lot PE 🙂 ). All your hard work has paid off. The work and efforts put in from all involved in the musical was undoubtedly extraordinary and indeed was demonstrated through the quality of the final product. Both casts were absolutely outstanding in their performances and the outpouring of effort and enthusiasm was obvious to all. We congratulate each and every one of you for showing immense courage and willingness to retell the story of Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane, Michael and Mr and Mrs Banks. Once again, well done for all the efforts that contributed to this spectacular performance.

Once again J-Walk will be happening this term in Week 8. J-Walk is a great opportunity for students to hear and witness the word of God through the eyes of other Christian students and our regular guest speakers. It’s a great opportunity for High School students to experience God’s word, how it greatly affects us in our daily lives and also to hear the talented J-Walk band perform some spectacular music.

HSC is just around the corner for our Year 12 students. After trials comes the stresses and daunting feeling of the completion of thirteen years of schooling. As their time as school students comes to a close, we would ask for you to pray for our graduating class and that God can guide them in successfully completing their HSC and living a life for His glory once school is finished.

Finally, we would also like to remind the students and parents to keep an eye on the instagram page. The SLC constantly post updates and encouragements for the students and we are excited to expand the use of the Instagram page in the coming weeks. If you are not following the page yet it can be found at @studentsatcarey.

Yours in Christ,

Keegan and Halanie