Spotlight on Dance at WCCS

Curriculum Dance

The Dance Syllabus emphasises dance as an art-form and as an exciting medium for learning that fosters students’ intellectual, social and moral development. The art form of dance has a theoretical base that challenges the mind and the emotions, and its study contributes to the students’ artistic, aesthetic and cultural education.

Students can choose to study Dance as an elective in Year 9 and 10, as well as a 2 Unit Course for their HSC. WCCS has an excellent history within the subject of Dance. Previous students have demonstrated significant personal growth in their education. HSC students at WCCS have received multiple nominations for the HSC Callback Showcases (the yearly showcase of exemplary performances and compositions from NSW HSC students), have been awarded full marks for performance aspects by the external HSC markers, and have received ATAR scores in the 80s and 90s. To support learning, our Year 11 Dance class recently attended a performance of Dark Emu by Bangarra Dance Theatre. The excursion provided students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the history of Australian Dance and the importance of Aboriginal culture in Dance.

Carey Dance Academy

The Carey Dance Academy allows WCCS students to learn a variety of dance styles in a fun, encouraging and safe atmosphere. Classes are available for Kindergarten to Year 12 WCCS students, and are held in the fully equipped Dance Studio in G12. Classes are taught after school, during term time. Students experience dance lessons that engage their body and mind, and challenge dancers of all ability levels. Students can choose to participate in classes that involve developing routines specifically to be performed, or classes that focus on increasing dance confidence through learning new techniques and skills. The Academy started during Term 1 of this year due to the increased interest in Dance amongst students. The Academy has already had significant growth in class sizes and offered class times. For more information about the Academy, contact Estelle Kostakis.

MISA Dance and Primary Sport

During the School’s sport programs, students can select to participate in High School MISA Dance or join the dance group occurring in Primary Sport. These two opportunities allow WCCS students to experience Dance during school hours for a short time each week. These opportunities have significantly grown the interest of Dance across the school as they provide easily accessible classes for a range of ages and abilities. This year, the Intermediate Jazz group were invited to perform at the MISA Dance Festival. The group had a fantastic time performing and viewing other schools’ dance works.

Pulse Dance Concert

At the completion of Term 2, all Dance students participated in the Pulse Dance Concert held in the WCCS Auditorium. The first Pulse concert was in 2014 with just over 20 students performing, in 2018, Pulse grew to 60 performers from Year 3 – Year 11. The concert allows students to showcase the work that they have been doing in Curriculum Dance, Carey Dance Academy, MISA Dance, and Primary Sport. Students who performed felt very supported and encouraged by the large audience of family and friends.