Year 11 Stress Management

Is that workload piling up?

Can’t find a good balance between work and rest?

Are you forever stressing over the details and feeling you are not doing your best?

Do you lose sleep over your school work?

Are you constantly putting things off and leaving them to the last minute?

Are you forgetting things or making silly mistakes?

Are you struggling to manage your time?

Do you worry about your school work?

If you said yes to a couple or more of these questions we have a course for you to help you manage your stress through Year 11 and 12.

The right level of stress is helpful and allows us to focus and helps us to perform at our best. Too much stress for too long can have a huge negative impact. Too much stress can negatively affect our memories, functions, ability to focus and complete tasks. Changes in sleep, appetite and mood are just some of the symptoms of stress.

Parents, if you have noticed some of the effects of stress or their symptoms in your child please consider the Year 11 Study without Stress Program (SWoS). It is a highly regarded program written by Macquarie University using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. The course is designed to help young people identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and to replace them with healthier skills and habits.

Some of the topics included are; understanding stress, goal setting, managing expectations and beliefs about the HSC, timetables, managing thought patterns, perfectionism, procrastination, work avoidance, good study habits, problem solving and exam preparation.

The study without stress program will be run in Term 2 during sport time by school counsellor Lorraine Davey.

Numbers are needed by the 29th of March 2019, payment of $22 for the SWoS booklet to Uniform Shop will confirm your spot, speak to your PC teacher or Mrs Davey for more details.