Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death in people aged 15 to 25?

On Monday, 8th May at 7:00 pm , Donna Redman will be presenting at a Parent/Carer Seminar hosted by WCCS on the topic of Suicide Prevention.

The presentation will cover:

• Current trends and statistics pertaining to suicide
• The role of the “gatekeeper” in suicide prevention
• Protective and risk factors for young people
• Warning signs for suicidal ideation – what to look for
• Safe methods of intervention (including self-care and arenas of safety)
• Referring young people at risk – where do I go for help?

Donna is a young adult fiction writer and Leader of Wellbeing (Pastoral Care Coordinator) in a school in South West Sydney. She has been awarded an International Study Tour Scholarship from the NSW Department of Education in conjunction with the Anika Foundation and will be gathering information and data on the most recent strategies for the prevention of youth depression and suicide and proactive strategies to promote overall wellbeing in adolescents.

Following the professional presentation our guest speaker, as well the counselling and senior welfare team, will be available to answer questions and discuss situations specific to your circumstances.

Please note that, whilst this seminar is open to all WCCS parents and carers, children should not attend.