Year 9 TAS Semester 1 Report

Textiles Technology

At the end of Term 1, Year 9 Textiles Technology finished the construction of their first apparel item. They all did a great job of their zip up hooded jackets and nearly all had them finished, ready to be worn for winter.

In Term 2, the class moved on to toy construction and the study of synthetic fibres. After the presentation of their yarn study and the completion of their toys, they celebrated with an “Animal Crackers” party. Food brought from home and served had to have an animal theme. All participants enjoyed some Tiny Teddies, Freddos, snakes, frogs and some bunny themed cupcakes.

During Term 3 students will undertake another Apparel item, this time constructed from a woven fabric.

Food Technology

Year 9 Food Technology students completed the study of a topic on Nutrition during Term 1. Many of the practical lessons involved the preparation of meals, so that students would be able to practice some of this food prep at home as they prepare meals for their families.

During Term 2, we moved on to look at the history of food in Australia. Students tried kangaroo and crocodile, many for the first time, and then incorporated some traditional bush foods in more modern desserts. The lemon myrtle cheesecake was a favourite amongst many students. Students made several meals that were inspired by Australia’s multicultural history. We concluded the topic with a multicultural feast. The class split into two groups and decided whether they would bring mains or desserts. In one lesson, students brought main meals or savoury foods and shared them amongst the class. During another lesson, students sampled desserts and sweets from different countries. The foods were brought in from home. Some students made the food items themselves at home, or enlisted the help of other family members and some items were purchased. It was great to sample a range of foods from many different cultures. There was always great anticipation at the beginning of each feast and a bit of overeating regret by the end of the lesson.



In Term 3, Year 9 are studying a topic covering Food Service and Catering. Students are really looking  forward to planning and testing a number of recipes in anticipation of what will be prepared and served at the Year 12 Graduation event.