Uniform Policy – Reminder

As a staff, we aim to promote uniform compliance by being consistent across the school and communicating with students in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Primary School Uniform

There are a few areas of school uniform that have been “slipping” over the year. It is a school expectation that all students will adhere to the uniform policy at all times. There are many reasons for this, some of which are outlined on the Uniform page of WCCS website. Over the coming weeks, staff will be addressing this with students, both individually and as classes/grades. Two areas of initial focus are jewellery and sport shoes.

Regarding jewellery, the school policy states: “Jewellery is restricted to wrist watches (girls and boys) and 1 small plain gold, silver or birthstone stud or sleeper per ear (girls only).” A number of students are wearing rings, necklaces, religious iconography, bracelets, etc. that are not part of school uniform. Children wearing such items will be asked to remove them, place them in their bags and take them home.

Sport Shoes
Regarding sport shoes, the policy states: “Sports Shoes – only on sports days. Students are to wear fully enclosed and lace up shoes (no slips-on or canvas upper shoes, e.g. Vans). They should provide arch, ankle and sole protection and be conservative in colour (mainly black, white, navy, grey or silver – not fluoro).”  Follow this link to the uniform booklet on the school website.  Page 6 of this booklet contains pictures clearly showing which shoes are acceptable.  Pupils who persist in wearing incorrect sport shoes will be excluded from sport activities.

High School Uniform

Uniform Passes
If students are out of uniform, they may request a uniform pass from a Deputy Principal prior to school. The Deputies will monitor the frequency of these requests. Students who are late to school and desire a uniform pass will need to go straight to the Student Office.

All teachers are required to check students’ uniforms in Pastoral Care and throughout the day. A student who is out of uniform and has not received a uniform pass will receive a notification, which will stand for the day.

Pastoral Care teachers, Year Advisers and Deputy Principals will monitor students’ notifications and, where necessary, will engage with students and carers through conversations, interviews or review meetings.

A student who is wearing jewellery beyond that which is allowed will be asked to remove the item/s and will be given a notification. The student should then put the item/s away. If the student is then seen to be wearing the same item again, he/she may receive another notification, or may be referred to a Deputy Principal. Following repeat offences, a student will be referred to a Deputy Principal, at which point the item/s may be confiscated and the student’s parents/carers may be contacted.