Uniform Variation Update

There are multiple benefits of a school uniform for students. These include creating equality between students in the clothing worn at school, providing a clear signal that school is a place to learn, building a stronger sense of belonging, reducing the drive to seek approval through outward appearance, and making life easier on a day to day basis. A school uniform is also a means by which student safety can be maintained through easily identifying individuals who do not belong to our student body. It can also be a safety precaution when working in classrooms with specific equipment.

It is the students’ responsibility meet these standard expectations and we appreciate the support of the families in helping our students do so.

As a School we have an open enrolment policy and maintain procedures to achieve accessibility to our surrounding community. We seek to achieve this in the many areas of our school’s life, and this includes our School uniform code.

While our uniform code addresses many areas of student attire, there are some items worn by students which are not addressed by our uniform code. Other items which are not permitted include bracelets and necklaces. Other items may be for a prescribed medical purpose.

Our uniform code can be found in student planners. It indicates that only a wrist watch may be worn on the wrist and a necklace may not be worn.

There are some specific examples where students have expressed they are unable to meet, with good integrity, the uniform code. Such valid reasons would include a fundamental observance (that is a requirement of their faith) which cannot be modified when at school or a specific medical item prescribed for treatment.

William Carey respects the genuine practice of others’ faith and wishes to work with families. Should it not be possible to identify a suitable alternative regarding a specific item, I invite families to write an appeal for a specific variation to the uniform code. This appeal will require written communication from the family’s priest/faith leader to advocate on the family’s behalf. This needs to include documentation which identifies the necessity of wearing the item at all times, including at school. A letter from a medical practitioner would meet the same requirement for a prescribed treatment.

An item that is worn as a personal preference or for the purpose of highlighting an individual’s identity would not be considered a valid reason.

You may receive a letter or email requesting you address your child’s uniform should they be wearing an item that does not meet the School’s uniform code.

We are asking all families to consider how their children can meet the School’s uniform code or seek approval of a variation, even if the item has been worn to school over an extended period prior to this point. The School’s Senior Executive are more than happy to consider these appeals. Once received, the School will respond in a timely manner with the outcome of the appeal.

More details regarding the process of writing an appeal for a variation in uniform can be picked up in the High School Student Office or the Primary Office. Should you have any further questions please contact these offices.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Keith McMullen