William Carey has been chosen to be one of 70 Primary schools trialling a government initiative called Money Smart. The government aims to address some of the issues in financial literacy that are experienced by adults by introducing these issues to children from a young age. Some WCCS teachers met with a group of interested parents to introduce the programme and received an enthusiastic response. “This programme, linked with their Maths unit is just fantastic” said one parent.  “It goes beyond what my children normally see as money and into the “hidden money” of this century.  When you think about it from a child’s perspective, all they see is Mum buying lots of stuff, then producing a piece of plastic (their EFTPOS or credit card) and, after walking away with all these goods, they may even receive cash back in return”.

For a lot of children, parents never stop to explain how all of these transactions work. Mrs Post, who is coordinating the Money Smart programme, explains, “It has been an excellent opportunity for students to engage in finances and to see how money really works”. The programme has been trialled by all teachers and has been embedded in the William Carey Primary curriculum since November.