Recently, a group of Year 5 and 6 students attended the Western Sydney Parklands 500 Schools Planting Program.  These students were part of a larger group of students, who are helping rejuvenate the Cumberland Forest in our local area.

Students arrived to find holes already dug and a large collection of saplings ready to plant.  Detailed instructions were given regarding how to plant each tree, as well as how to attach a cardboard base, to assist with watering. The final touch was a “rabbit proof fence” around each tree, to give it a fighting chance.

Despite some light rain, our students soldiered on, and by the end of the allotted 1½ hours, had managed to plant just over 200 trees.  According to the rangers in charge, this was a mammoth effort for one school and they were very pleased.  They also commented that the trees had been planted well.

Congratulations to the students involved and thank you for your efforts.