Ancient History Excursion

This term, Year 11 Ancient History are studying archaeology so, recently, they set off on an excursion to the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University to get some hands-on experience. The day started with an archaeological ‘dig’, where students were given the chance to handle and analyse artefacts from as early as 2000BC! Everyone was surprised by the good condition and the preservation of some of the artefacts – many of the students’ faces were filled with excitement as they were allowed to study these pieces of history.

The students were then led around the floor of the museum by a guide, Mitch, who was incredibly helpful and full of interesting facts. There was a great Lego exhibit of the city of Pompeii that was destroyed in 79AD and the students had a chance to experience the layout and different areas of city. One of the most interesting objects was a sword from Sparta – it was in such good condition that students were able to investigate the age of the owner, his status in society and whether or not he was right or left handed. It was fascinating!