Year 12 Construction Build a Park Bench

Year 12 VET Construction students who are undertaking the Certificate II in Construction Pathways course recently completed a class project – to build and construct a park bench. You can now enjoy sitting on the bench near the A Block garden.

This project saw the students draw on learning experiences from a number of units of competency, including:

  • Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground
  • Carry out concreting to simple forms
  • Use construction tools and equipment
  • Handle carpentry materials

Students were able to take the theoretical content from the classroom and turn it into a real, practical project which allowed them to see the connections between the units as the project developed. They started with a site visit to the A Block garden area and consulted with Mr Simmons about positioning. After constructing the park bench in the workshop, they prepared the site, laid the concrete slab and installed the park bench.  It was great to watch them work together as a team. The students also really enjoyed this unit. Here are some of the comments that they made:

“It’s great that we can add value to the school by making this bench for people to enjoy”.

“Doing practical work in construction doesn’t feel like we are at school”.

“I can’t wait till the next concrete pour – it’s a whole day of practical work”.

Mr. P Holdsworth and Year 12 Construction are commended for such a great job. Our construction students look forward to planning for more projects like this one. The VET faculty hope to do similar projects in future years.