Year 6 Camp – Student Reflections

“I really enjoyed the Year 6 camp. We had a great time at Canberra. It was fun to interact with our peers and collaborate with people we haven’t before.”

“At camp we went to Parliament House. It was so exciting. I went in the House of Representatives and the Senate. I enjoyed it so much. The day after that was just as fun. We went to the Electoral Centre. After that it was Questacon. So much fun!  I skipped on the giant slide though. On the last day we went to the zoo. I had never fed a deer or emu until then. I didn’t want to leave but we had to. That was the best camp ever!”

“On Year 6 camp we went to Canberra. We visited the Parliament House I felt very privileged when I walked into it because it was very big and made out of marble. I liked how we were allowed to go into where they all vote and have all their debates.”

“Camp was an amazing experience we got to play games with friends, learn about our history and more.”

“Camp was really fun as we got to visit lots of places such as the Parliament House in Canberra and Questacon. At camp, we also had some delicious meals and we had some time to play board games later on.”

“All of Year 6 rode on the bus to get to the ACT which was a very long way away. I really enjoyed going everywhere and I learned a lot. I also really enjoyed playing capture the flag; it was fun mucking around with our friends. Also, sleeping there wasn’t bad, but there were people snoring…”

“We went to the war memorial and we saw some old planes and ships we saw real suits and a micro sized battle. One of my favourite places at camp was the Deep Space Research Facility. We got to research space, see real astronaut costumes and see how we can help NASA!”

“The next day we went to Parliament House and we didn’t see the Prime Minister, but it was still fun!”

“Camp was and always will be a great experience for learning and for friendships to grow.”

“I remember going to get a tour in the Parliament House and learn things about the House of Representatives and The Senate.”