Young Justice Program

On the 31st of August 2017, six students from WCCS went to the Supreme Court of NSW on a program called Young Justice. This program was created to paint a clearer picture about law and how a court works for students around NSW. On this day four workshops were held and were run by different people who worked in the law society. One of these workshops was about child rights. A senior policy advisor at UNICEF, Alison Elliot, managed this workshop. It taught us about the different rights that a child under 18 should have and how these laws were established. We also learnt about some children around our age who lived in poorer conditions than us. An activity was run which involved every individual to describe a right they should have. We were later given a pamphlet that outlined 45 different Child rights and responsibilities and featured methods and helplines for children that are seeking help or felt uncomfortable about something. It was an excellent workshop and the day went smoothly. I learnt a lot of things about law and working in a law society. It was an excellent program and taught us very many things.

Angelina V 6L


On the 31st of August 2017, I went to the Supreme Court of NSW. One of the judges gave us a talk about his job and about himself. He told us how hard it is to make the decisions and to sentence people. Afterwards, we moved to a similar building and learnt about different areas of the law. We learnt about environmental laws, strange and unusual laws, animal laws and children’s rights laws. For environmental laws we learnt about climate change, what the government is doing and what they should be doing. For strange and unusual laws we learnt about the potato law that used to be in Western Australia, the rabbit law in Queensland, and the goat law. For animal’s laws we learnt about how puppy farms are illegal, that you should check where the animals you buy come from, and how farmed animals have different laws to other animals. For children’s rights laws we learnt about what rights we have, how in other countries some of the children’s rights are not protected, and what we can do to help. For all the other subjects of law, we learnt what we could do to help. It was all very interesting and I learnt a lot about the law.

Charlotte H – 6M